Tax Planning & Preparation

We believe in year-round Tax planning to help minimise your current and future Taxation liabilities. Our Taxation Professionals have experience providing Taxation services to a large and diverse client base.

This experience, combined with our continuing education and training, gives us the knowledge required to meet all of your Taxation needs.

We also have extensive experience in representing Companies and Individuals in the negotiation process, regarding Revenue Audits and Investigations. We prepare all types of tax returns for individuals and businesses at competitive, affordable rates.

we offer


Corporation Tax


Personal Tax


Capital Gains Tax


Capital Acquisitions Tax


Value Added Tax


Stamp Duty


We prepare financial accounts for all types of businesses, including Sole Traders, Farmers, Co-Operatives, Clubs and Non-Profit makings organisations.


We provide audit and financial services for all types of companies including those that are audit exempt.

Business Commencement

Individuals and Companies are faced with many onerous responsibilities in a start up situation. We will assist in all areas of the start up.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Taxation advice should be viewed with equal if not more importance than accounts information.

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